Salad in Dimitsani Rocket, green and red lola, orange fillets, orange peel, gruyere flakes, orange dressing. – 10€-

Pandaisia salad Rocket, green and red lola, beetroot, roasted chestnut, cherry tomatoes, grilled talagani, yogurt dressing with beetroot. -11€-

It’s scratchy Trachanas “Dimitsana fillets”, mountain herbs, graviera, feta saganaki. -11€-

Mushroom Pappardelle Pappardelles “Filemata Dimitsanas”, gruyere, 8 types of mushrooms, Mainalo truffle flakes. -€16-

Mutton Burger Brioche bun, mutton burger, feta cream with mint, Florinis pepper ketchup, sweet chilly mayo sauce, tomato, baby rocket. Accompanied by fresh fried potatoes. -11€-

Wild Boar Burger Brioche bun, wild boar burger, smoked Arcadia cheese, eggplant salad, baby rocket.Accompanied by fresh fries. -€12-

Beef Burger Brioche bun, beef burger, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, fried egg, lettuce, pickled cucumber, smoked bbq sauce, mayonnaise. Accompanied by fresh fries. -€12.5-

Wild boar sausage with bean cream Wild boar sausage with bean cream, cheesy cheese and country bread grilled. -€13-

*Feta Donuts* Four donuts with kataifi crust and Elatis honey. -€10-

*Givetsi in the Village* Appetizers from veal tail, barley Dimitsana fillets, Arcadia graviera, Arcadian myzithra, Arcadian yogurt -15€-

*Beef Cheeks with Paccheri Rigati* Beef cheeks, Paccheri Rigati pasta, béchamel(espuma) with Arcadia gruyere.-€17-

*Picanhia Lamb* Served with French fries. -€14-

Pizza with our own handmade dough
a) Special: 3 cheeses, ham, bacon, prosciutto, mushrooms, tomato sauce.
b) Carbonara pizza: sour cream, 3 cheeses, mushrooms, ham, bacon, prosciutto, extra philadelphia + 3 euros (round from the dough -€13-

Carbonara paste Carbonara pasta, eggs, smoked pancetta, parmesan – 13€-

Country Club Sandwich Slices of country bread, rooster schnitzel, bacon, turkey, curry, graviera, tomato, lettuce. -€9-

Club sandwich Toast bread, gouda cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce. -€6.5-

Chuck Flap Tail Black Angus Ocean Beef 250-300gr Ask us about the side dish. -€17-

Ribeye Black Angus Ocean Beef 250-300gr Ask us about the side dish. -€24-

Tomahawk Ribeye Cowboy steak Black Angus Ocean Beef 850-1Kg – Ask us about the side dish. -€55-

White Wines
Π.Ο.Π. Mantinia estate Spiropoulos 750ml    18,00€
(Organic, white dry wine 100% Moscofilero

Semeli Π.Ο.Π. Mantinia 750ml
(White dry wine, Moscofilero from Mantinia)  16,00€

Mountainous White Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus estate
Spiropoulos 750ml
(White dry wine Moscofilero, Roditis, Sauvignon Blanc,
Chardonnay)  11,00€

Semeli Mountainous White Sun Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus 187,5ml
(White dry wine Moscofilero and Sauvignon Blanc)    4,00€

Semeli Piccolo Mondo 187,5ml
(Semi-sweet, white wine Moscofilero )    4,00€

Rose Wines
Tatiani tranditional winery Kalogri 750ml
(Rose semi-dry  wine, Organic Agriculture Variety 100% Moscofilero)  16,00€

Meliasto Rose Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus estate Spiropoulos  750ml
(Organic dry rose wine, Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko)  17,00€

Semeli Mountainous Sun Rose Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus 187,5ml
(Rose dry wine Agiorgitiko from Nemea)   4,00€

Red Wines
Porfuros estate Spyropoulos Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus 750ml
(Organic still, red dry wine Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot     30,00€

Semeli Nemea Reserve Π.Ο.Π. Nemea 750ml
(Red dry wine Agiorgitiko from Nemea Protected Designation of Origin Nemea)    24,00€

Sunday Traditional winery Kalogri 750ml
(Red semi-dry  100% Merlot)     18,00€

Good Field traditional winery Kalogri 750ml
(Red dry Cabernet-Moscofilero with 12 months maturityin oak barrels)   18,00€

Semeli Mountainous Red Sun Π.Γ.Ε. Peloponnesus 187,5ml
(Red dry wine Agiorgitiko from Nemea, Syrah, Protected Designation
of Origin Peloponnesus)      4,00€

Semeli Piccolo Mondo 187,5ml
(Red semi-sweet wine, Agiorgitiko)   4,00€

Sparkling Wines
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial 750ml  80,00€
Martini Asti 750ml   22,00€
Martini Asti 200ml    7,00€
Bianconero White     6,00€
Bianconero Rose    6,00€

Greek single  2,00€
Greek douple  2,50€
Espresso single  2,50€
Espresso douple 3,00€
Freddo Espresso 3,00€
Freddo Cappuccino 3,50€
Cappuccino 3,00€
Cappuccino douple  4,00€
Cappuccino latte   3,50€
Nes café/frappe   2,50€
Filter coffee  3,00€
Hot/Cold chocolate  3,50€

Hot Beverege 
Flavored tea        3,00€

Soft Drinks/Refreshments
Coca-cola 330ml  2,50€
Coca-cola light 330ml  2,50€
Coca cola zero 330ml  2,50€
Orange soda 330ml 2,50€
Lemonade soda 330ml  2,50€
Sour cherry soda 330ml  2,50€
Sprite 330ml  2,50€
Strainer 330ml  2,50€
Ice Tea Lemon 330ml  3,00€
Ice Tea Peach 330ml  3,00€
Fresh Orange juice  3,00€
Mineral water 0,50lt  0,50€
Mineral water 1lt

Sweets/Ice Cream
Ice cream scoop 1,00€
Chocolate pie ‘’Filemata Dimitsanas’’ 4,00€
Chocolate pie ‘’Filemata Dimitsanas’’ with ice cream scoop   4,50€

Heineken 500ml   4,00€
Fix     500ml    4,00€
Alpha    500ml     4,00€

Simple    6,00€
Special     7,00€
Liqueur      5,00€
Rakomelo    3,00€
Tsipouro Tsilili    3,00€
Ouzo Mini Indivisual   3,00€
Ouzo Mini bottle   7,50€

Deluxe Drinks
Ron Zacapa centenario sistema  12,00€
Lagavulin 16 year old 12,00€
Macallan Amber    12,00€

Metaxa 12 stars    8,00€
Metaxa 7 stars      6,00€
Metaxa 5 stars      5,00€

Tomahawk Ribeye
Cowboy steak

Papardeles from “Filemata Dimitsanas”, arcadian gruyere cheese, 8 spieces of mushrooms, flakes of truffle mushroom from Mainalos mountain.

Ribeye Black Angus
Ocean Beef 250-300gr

Arugula, green and red lola lettuce, beetroot, roasted chestnut, cherry tomatoes, grilled talagani(greek cheese), greek yogurt with beetroot dressing.                   

Bean soup cream, grilled wild boar sausage. Side dish: spicy feta cheese spread and glilled country bread.

Arugula, green and red lola lettuce, thin slices of orange, lalagi(greek traditional cracker), sigklino(arcadian salted pork meat in olive oil with several herbs), arcadian gruyere cheese flakes, orange dressing.

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